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The restaurant is gone, but we're working on a facility for occasional competitions.

Due to a lack of diners on the days between events, we've had to cease daily operation of the restaurant. We're currently searching for a location to keep the arenas assembled, and will be having events with volunteer staff.

We hope to have an event on Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th. Watch this space.

(9-December-2002) Our grand opening tournament was reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on Dec. 9, 2002. To the left you can see Jacey as she drives El Furro! against Fuzzy's TadPole. To the right you can see a young fan light up when she sees the robot close up.


  • Antweights: Jim Smentowski and "Shazbot"
  • Beetles: Keith conn and "Your Ultimate Doom"
  • 12lb: Greg Ferree and "PITB"
  • 30lb: Benny van Clene and "Pea-Nut"
  • Lightweight: Terry Ewert and "YU-812"
  • Middleweight: Danny Mauldin and "Lionheart"
  • Heavyweight: Benny van Cleve and "Tornado-Mer"

Our grand opening was not without controversy, as we were picketed by P.E.T.R, or "People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots". People in North Huntingdon aren't used to such odd displays of misguided compassion.

(28-November-2002) We've got 50 robots registered for our Grand Opening Tournament next week. Tickets are still 724-861-8611.

(26-November-2002) The Robot Club & Grille is also please to announce that we've joined forces with the Robot Fighting League, an organization of robot fighting events that promotes safety and standardization of rules.

(24-October-2002) The Lazy Toad Robot Club provides a safe place to drive your fighting robot.

Last weekend we had our first event...90 robots from around the country fought to the death for fame, glory, and menu items named after their bots. Thanks to the NERC for organizing the competition, and congratulations to our winners:

  • Antweights: Kelsey and "Ice Chip"
  • Beetles: John Pagano and "Yattering"
  • 12lb: Alan Young and "Ixion"
  • 30lb: Ed McCarron and "Netherbot"
  • Lightweight: Benny Van Cleve and "Mini Madd"
  • Middleweight: Rob Sica and "Superskunk"
Our next event will be December 7th, and will have weight classes from Antweights to Heavywight (220 pounds). Registration still open, but there is little time...see our events page


The best meal you've ever had behind bullet-proof glass!

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