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Our street address is Norwin Towne Square, 12120 Route 30, North Huntingdon, PA 15642, USA. We're 3.2 miles West of Exit #7 on the PA Turnpike.

Our GPS coordinates are N40 19" 56.04', W79 44" 38.04', altitude 1,120 feet MSL.

The nearest major airport is Pittsburgh International, at Highway 60 North, Pittsburgh, PA, 15231 US.

The nearest lodging is 1.77 miles away at the Conley Inn, at 10004 Route 30, Irwin PA, 15642, Phone: 724-863-0700 Fax: (724) 863-8357 Toll Free: (800) 766-7824. Note that their web page lists the address as 1004, but Mapquest only gives the correct location for address 10004. Note that this hotel has some rooms in need of repair.

A close second is 3.41 miles away Holiday Inn Express at 8400 Route 30, Irwin PA, 15642. Phone: 1-724-861-9000, Fax: 1-724-861-9527, Email: grgm@holidayinnirwin.com. This is a clean, new hotel.

Other choices: the closest "nice" hotel is the Radisson in Monroeville, PA, about 10 miles and 25 minutes away. There are many motels in Monroeville, PA and Greensburg PA, but again these can be 25-30 minutes away, depending on traffic.


One of the exciting features of the Lazy Toad Robot Club is the chance to see famous fighting robots from history. Our biggest acquisition so far is a pair of famous walking spinners: Whyachi and Son of Whyachi.

Here we see Fuzzy using his newest toy (a Bobcat 763 mini-bulldozer) to unload the Whyachi's from the truck. On the right, we see the crate sitting in the driveway awaiting a second, shorter trip to the Robot Club.



The first thing to greet you as you enter the Lazy Toad Robot Club is the membership counter. Entrance to the retail store and the restaurant are free, but we will require everyone entering the club to accept the "spectator" waiver, and minors must have their parent's permission to accept that waiver.

If you're not dining, but which to sit in the bleachers and watch the action, there is a ticket fee, which will be higher during major competitions.

Pit access requires a "competitors" membership, which can be purchased for a day, a month, or a year. We're still working out the fee structure for various services such as use of the safety test box, fights with other builders, and entrance to events.


To the left once you're through the door, is the retail section, and a "portable" 12' by 12' square robot arena.


We have several robot arenas in our floor plan:


The pit area is to the left and rear of the facility.


Directly in front of the main arena are 5 rows of bleachers


In the rear of the facility is a fully equipped grille for providing counter-service meals.
The best meal you've ever had behind bullet-proof glass!

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