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Metal May-Hem

Our May tournament, Metal May-Hem, is our last planned event for the year. Thanks to the huge response from the builders, we should have enough volunteers for everyone to work only half the event.

With just over 50 robots, we're planning a one-day event starting at 8am Saturday, May 24, and ending by 10pm (or earlier) the same day.

We're planning to work with AnimEgio, a professional video company, to help film and author the DVD for this event.

To see who's coming, check out the May registrations page.

The home page lists the planned schedule.

We've just completed our fifth event, RCG-304: the April Annihilator, and have updated our point rankings to reflect the results.

Calendar of Events

Because we've chosen not to renew our lease, we have no further events planned for the rest of 2003.


The non-member fees are

  • $20 for each ant and beetle
  • $30 for each 12 and 30lber
  • $40 for each lightweight and middleweight
  • $50 for each heavyweight

NERC members get $5 off per bot. Schools get $5 off per bot.

Pit Crew

  • Each ant and beetle gets one (1) driver.
  • Each 12 and 30lber gets one (1) driver and one (1) pit crew
  • Each LW and MW gets one (1) driver and two (2) pit crew
  • Each HW gets one(1) driver and three (3) pit crew

Additional people must buy either the one-day ticket ($12) or the weekend ticket ($20).

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